About The Department of International Business

  The Department of International Business was established in 1973. We offer undergraduate programs leading to Bachelor degree, and graduate programs leading to Master`s degree. Our programs focus on the studies of international trade, international business management and financial economics, which prepare our students for handling global business and for keeping pace with the fast business movements of the world.
The department currently has about 510 undergraduate students and also about 100 graduate students. We have 14 full-time professors, 37 part-time teachers, and 10 teaching assistants.

  Because internationalization is an inevitable trend for countries in the world, encouraging our students to learn international trade and finance in other countries by participating in exchange programs is one of our goals. We also offer many types of assistantships and scholarships to outstanding students in our programs. Students who attend certificate tests such as TOFEL and TOEIC will be considered for a nearly 30% fee reward. Scholars who are interested in the areas related to international trade, global business management, and financial economics are highly welcomed to apply and join the rank of full-time faculty to upgrade the academic standard of the department.

  Our programs offer a solid grounding in international trade, international finance, multinational enterprises, and global marketing. This gives our students a great opportunity to get access to many places where students can put their education to good use after graduation. While most of them choose to enter the financial industry or get a position in the public sector after graduation, some of them also pursuit further studies in the related fields in Taiwan or even abroad. In addition, our students acquire a combat success in passing the crucial qualification for many licences, including the Certificated Financial Analyst(CFA), the Financial Risk Manager(FRM), the Certificated Accountant, the Certificated Broker for Future and Stock, the Securities Investment Trust and Consulting Professional, the Senior Securities Specialist, and the Internal Personnel.


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