Creating an excellent teaching environment

1.Teaching resource database
  Collecting all sorts of teaching information and resources for instructors, including teaching plans, strategies and materials, course evaluations, instructors’ self-assessments, learning strategies and motivations, instructor-student communication and class management, this division hopes to boost instructors’ teaching efficacy by providing resources.

2.Teaching Consultation Room
  Located at Room D0519-1, it is equipped with a projector and teaching reference materials, and it provides a space for instructors holding group meetings and a study room.

Promoting Teaching Excellence Plan and encouraging innovative materials and courses
  The division coordinates the operations of applications, evaluations, assessments and performance exhibitions of Teaching Excellence Plan, helps the university build a better teaching environment, and encourages instructors to actively carry out innovative teaching plans to boost the teaching effectiveness.

Establishing an office for Northern Taiwan Teaching and Learning Resource Center and promoting the project of Northern Taiwan Teaching and Learning Resource Center
  The division also coordinates the operations of applications, evaluations, assessments and performance exhibitions of Northern Taiwan Teaching and Learning Resource Center. The division encourages exchange and collaboration among academic institutions and assists our partner universities in improving their teaching quality. Also, the division serves as the contact with the Ministry of Education. Through the communication channel, we are able to manage plan applications, assessments and schedule as well as to deliver information to the affiliated divisions and units.

Assisting instructors with operations of relevant symposiums and activities to improve teaching quality
  The division implements "teaching evaluation" system to effectively assist instructors to improve teaching effectiveness and integrates all resources to plan teaching activities for different fields. Experts are invited to give professional information and assistance through a diversity of themes and contents. The division not only encourages instructors to develop their own professionalism as well as their pedagogical knowledge, but helps them improve themselves to benefit the learning effectiveness of students.

Enhancing consultation and service for new instructors
  In order to assist the new instructors in understanding the school's education ideals, quickly fit into our teaching environment, the division plans welcome-parties and assistance activities such as "related administrative affairs and teaching resources", "sharing experience from outstanding teachers" and so on. In addition, the division designs the information website and handbook for new instructors. We also interviews the new teachers annually to understand their teaching needs and conduct related actives based on their needs.


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