☆Elite Learning
1.Teaching Assistant Project
  "Teaching Assistant Project" is one of the teaching and learning supporting mechanisms held by Student Learning and Resource Division. The ultimate goal of this project is to enhance teachers’ teaching effectiveness and boost students’ learning outcome.
  In order to meet this goal, we recruit outstanding students to work as teaching assistants. The teaching assistants are required to join diverse training workshops and activities (e.g. class management, effective communication skills, the duties of TAs, excellent TAs’ empirical teaching experiences, etc.). By engaging all the teaching assistants together to participate in the training sessions, the teaching assistants will not only be able to learn different teaching approaches, but also have chances to exchange their valuable tutoring experience face to face. Moreover, we are dedicated to helping teaching assistants produce their "Tutoring Models." We do hope that by doing so, we can motivate and encourage all the teachers and teaching assistants of Soochow University to present more practical and useful teaching and tutoring strategies.

☆Peer Assistance Mechanism
1.Remedial Instruction Project
  "Remedial Instruction Project" is a peer assistance mechanism provided for all courses. Teachers will select qualified upper class students to be course assistants to help students who have learning difficulties of understanding the contents of the courses and assist them in cultivating successful learning strategies.
  Similar to Teaching Assistant Project, the course assistants of Remedial Instruction Project are asked to attend some training courses and regular orientations as well so that they can clearly understand what their duties are and the mission of this project - to enhance students’ academic performance.
  "To keep track of the students’ learning situation" and "to offer tutoring service" are the two main duties of the course assistants because only if the course assistants know the students’ learning attitudes and the obstacles they’ve met will the course assistants be able to design the learning activities which correspond to their needs. Moreover, during the tutoring sessions, course assistants may figure out each student’s needs. Then, the course assistants can reflect what they have observed to the teachers so that the teachers and their assistants can work together to brainstorm better learning strategies that help students learn more effectively.

2.Individualized Academic Consultation Service
  "Individualized Academic Consultation Service" invites outstanding course assistants to provide individual counseling service on academic subjects. We hope that with our help, students can become self-motivated and improve their learning skills.
  For students who are interested in joining Individualized Academic Consultation Service, they may check the link provided here and make an online registration through "Student Learning System."(http://ctlpub.scu.edu.tw/booking/)

☆Language Learning Support
1.Language Corner
  "Language Corner" invites enthusiastic overseas students to share the cultures, lifestyles and their living experiences in their countries. By attending Language Corner, students can improve their foreign language proficiency, including English and Japanese.
  For students who are interested in joining Language Corner, they may check the link provided here and make an online registration through "Student Learning System."(http://ctlpub.scu.edu.tw/booking/)

2.English Composition Learning Web
  "English Composition Learning Web" is established with the goal of providing students with English composition self-learning opportunities and with composition correction service. This website integrates online English learning resources and student writing models. Students will be able to find sufficient online self-learning resources.(http://write.scu.edu.tw/)

☆Online Learning Resources
1.Online Learning Web
  "Online Learning Web" provides a unified entrance, connecting all Soochow University’s learning resources websites. If students want to look for fundamental self-learning resources about their courses (such as language learning, business, law, or science, etc.), they can easily search for all the necessary resources and support on this website.(http://ctlpub.scu.edu.tw/elearning/index.php)

2.Northern Taiwan Teaching and Learning Center Web
  "Northern Taiwan Teaching and Learning Center Web" integrates 19 university’s teaching expertise and learning resources. Through the website, teachers and students are able to find effective teaching/learning methods and resources for reference and use.(http://www.nttlrc.scu.edu.tw)

1.Student Learning and Consultation Room (Located at D0509 & 5615)
  Shuangshi Student Learning and Consultation Room is located at D0509, whereas the Downtown Student Learning and Consultation Room is at 5615. In these rooms, we provide students with “Individualized Academic Consultation Service," an academic consultation service, and "Language Corner," a language exchange program.

2.E-Learning Lounge (Located at R0210)
  Located at Room R210, E-Learning Lounge is dedicated to enhancing students’ overall learning with regard to all subjects. Based on the functions that we offer, this lounge can be divided into online self-learning section and tutorial sections.
  In the online self-learning section, we provide 47 computers for students to search for academic-related information, do their projects, and learn professional knowledge through the "Online Learning Web," an online platform where students and teachers share and find helpful recourses. As for the tutorial section, we offer "Individualized Academic Consultation Service" and "Language Corner." We hope that with our help, students can take the initiative in learning and improve their learning skills.

3.Learning Commons (Located at the 1st floor of the Grand Complex of Waishuanghsi Campus and the 2nd floor of the Arts Center of Downtown Campus)
  According to the international "Learning Commons" concept as well as its own ideals of "Innovation," "Integration," "Communication," and "Sharing," our division sets up two Learning Commons' distributed on the 1st floor of the Grand Complex of Shuanghsi Campus and the 2nd floor of the Arts Center of Downtown Campus. They are both open areas designed to cultivate a free atmosphere for inter-student discussion and student-teacher communication, which will hopefully inspire new ideas and creativity.





Student Learning and Consultation Room

Student Learning and Consultation Room

E-Learning Lounge

Learning Commons


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