Promoting faculty and students to use online platform for supplementary teaching materials
  Through platform development, system updates, budget subsidies, workshops, technical assistance, evaluation and in-person visits, the division devotes itself to guiding more teachers to use online platforms for web teaching or auxiliary teaching, or use Web-page wizard to construct their personal web teaching pages. Also, workshops on using the online platform are frequently held for students to promote their knowledge on the usage.

Practically assisting instructors to create digital teaching materials
  Digital Teaching Material Studio is available to instructors, and the division staff members and assistants are permitted to use the Studio to perform to following tasks: digital publication, digital duplication of material cds, material scanning, digital conversion, digital material editing, PowerPoint production, video streaming production, real-time recording, cassette conversion and e-book production. Also, the division is responsible for training assistants to help instructors convert teaching materials into outstanding digital resources and upload to e-learning platform for students’ references or public assess.

Elevating instructors’ technical knowledge
  Through lectures, symposiums, workshops, e-Paper, the division elevates instructors' technical knowledge with the latest technology information or references for pursuing further education. Instructors are encouraged to utilize the e-learning platform and hence taught to enrich basic technical knowledge.

Supplying both Instructional Technology Hardware and Software

1.Digital Teaching Material Studio
  Located at Room D0508, the Studio is equipped with state-of-art hardware systems for digital material production, editing and conversion, available to the instructors or assigned assistants.

2.Digital Instruction Lab
  Located at Room D0507, the Lab is equipped with state-of-art hardware and software systems for recording online teaching materials. With the real-time recording system, instructors are able to integrate their digital materials.


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