Resources are available mainly in 5 foreign languages from basic to advanced level and the self-access staff are available to help and guide users in their choice of materials.

Foreign Language Chatting Time & Learning Help

雙溪外語自學室 外語聊天時間 & 諮詢服務

The language advisors at the Self-Access Centre are here to

  • work with you and offer support in practising conversation.
  • offer assistance in exploring the resources and facilities at the Self-Access Centre.
  • offer advice on how to manage your learning.

外語聊天時間(Foreign Language Chatting Time)

雙溪外語自學室提供語言學習諮詢服務機制,由自學達人擔任Language advisors,和您一起面對面進行外語聊天您可運用外語自學室特別彙整的語言測驗口試題庫進行練習,也可和Language advisors自由發揮。1對1或1對2的環境讓您自在練習口說,沒有聽不懂、接不上話題的壓力喔!



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