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【徵稿啟示:世界國際法學會與美國國際法學會 2021 年亞太研究論壇】

  • 05/20/2021
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  • 刊登人員:張永翰


敬請卓參徵稿啟事: https://ccla.smu.edu.sg/sites/cebcla.smu.edu.sg/files/Cebcla/2021%20ILA-ASIL%20Asia-Pacific%20Research%20Forum%20call%20for%20papers.pdf


Call for Papers: 2021 ILA-ASIL Asia-Pacific Research Forum (August 5-6, 2021, via Zoom)
The Chinese (Taiwan) Society of International Law – Chinese (Taiwan) Branch of the International Law Association and the Centre for Commercial Law in Asia of the Singapore Management University School of Law will hold the 2021 ILA-ASIL Asia-Pacific Research Forum on August 5-6, 2021. The theme of the Research Forum is “International Law and Post-Pandemic Asia: New Economic Challenges and Opportunities.”  The organizing committee welcomes paper proposals from academics and practitioners (Deadline: May 20, 2021). The call for papers, see https://ccla.smu.edu.sg/sites/cebcla.smu.edu.sg/files/Cebcla/2021%20ILA-ASIL%20Asia-Pacific%20Research%20Forum%20call%20for%20papers.pdf