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Soochow Law Journal

Soochow University School of Law

56,Kuei-Yang Street

Section 1, Taipei, Taiwan(100), R.O.C.

Tel: (886-2)23111531-3508

Fax: (886-2)23751067



  1. The Soochow Law Journal welcomes the submission of contributions for consideration by the editor with a view to publication.
  2. The Soochow Law School publishes the Journal twice yearly. The Journal serves as an international forum for the discussion and analysis of important and contemporary issues related to international and comparative law, as well as important municipal law.
  3. The Journal invites unsolicited manuscripts in all area of international interest. The submission is an original, unpublished work which is not being submitted for publication elsewhere.
  4. Articles should not exceed 15,000 words, excluding footnotes. Footnotes should be reasonable. A submission of less than 10,000 words may be considered for the “ ShorterArticle, Comments, and Notes ” section, which may secure earlier publication.
  5. Manuscripts should be accompanied abstract within 200 words and footnotes must be numbered of consecutively through the article. 10 key words should also be included. Manuscripts will be in English and French text is also acceptable .The manuscripts must be typed, doubled-space, on one side only of A4 paper, and be accompanied by the text on floppy disk in a recognizedsoftware. Alternatively, the text may be e-mailed to lex@scu.edu.tw
  6. Authors are requested to provide the name, profession, mailing address and telephone number.
  7. Authors are responsible for any liability might be happened in relation to copyright and any other laws. Copyright is reserved for authors.
  8. The manuscripts should be sent to:


The Editor-in-Chief

Soochow Law Journal

Soochow University School of Law

56, Kuei-Yang Street,

Section 1, Taipei

Taiwan(100), R.O.C.

as should all correspondence, books for review and other communications.





一、東吳大學法學院法律學系定二○○四年春季出版英文法律學報創刊號,定名為「Soochow Law Journal」,半年刊。



四、來稿必須電腦打字於A4格式紙,間隔二行繕打,並請提供磁片,或將文稿E-mail至lex@scu.edu.tw (請標明投稿英文法律學報)。