For Degree-Seeking International Students

1. English majors or international students whose native language is English or who come from English-speaking countries must not select English I or English II to fulfill the foreign language credit requirements. 

2. International students who wish to take English courses are required to complete an approximately 1-hour online placement test prior to the selection of courses. Please refer to this webpage(link) and sign up for a placement test on a Google form.

3. Before an online test starts, test-takers will receive an email with instructions for the Easytest Online Test Platform. To make sure the webpage display normally, it is suggested that test-takers use desktops or laptops to log in and complete the test rather than tablets or mobile phones.

4. After an online test closes, test-takers must wait 4 business hours to check their placement levels. To check English proficiency level, go to --> 我的檔案 --> 英文適用級別查詢

5. Once you are placed into a certain level, log in to the University’s system during the course selection periods and choose a course that fits your placement level.


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